Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Importance of a Resume Objective

A great objective gives your resume the perfect start. Since it appears just after the personal details, it is the first significant section to be read by the recruiters. The impression that the objective makes sets the tune for how the rest of the resume would be perceived. A bland and dull objective may deter the reader from reading any further or taking much interest in what appears later. A vibrant objective on the other hand, gives a strong reason to delve deeper into the resume and to take the candidate more seriously.
The ideal objective
The ideal objective succeeds in encapsulating in 2-3 crisp sentences, how the expertise and ambition of the employee are in perfect harmony with the goal of the organization where employment is being sought. A well framed objective can answer that all important question that is asked to every employee during the interview session, “What are the reasons why we should hire you?” Therefore, knowing the vision of the organization and anticipating the expectations of the employers is the key to a winning objective.
Some important tips
Many people make the incorrect assumption that objectives are a way to express personal aspirations and values. Nothing could be farther away from the fact. Your objective must give the employers what they want to read. It is more about them than about your intentions and ambitions. If you are sending a resume to multiple companies, then it would be wise to write a unique objective for each of them which is in sync with the goals of that company.
Also, if you are making a career change, mentioning it in the objective is a great way to let the employers know about it. You would need to emphasize how the skills you have acquired would suit the new position you seek.
What to remember while framing an objective
  • Refrain from making it too long and risk sounding confusing, unreadable or just plain boring
  • Mention the job title or designation that you seek clearly in the objective so that there is no scope for any misinterpretation. If you have applied for different job titles, frame specific objectives for each of them
  • Avoid using the first person pronoun “I” as it sounds full of self importance. Keep the focus on the job profile and the expectations of the organization
Thus we may summarize saying that an outstanding objective begins by mentioning the job title you are interested in, the relevant expertise you would bring along with you and how you would blend perfectly with the goals of the company and contribute towards its success.


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Resume Objectives

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