Monday, 5 December 2011

Traits of a Cleverly Crafted Resume

A cleverly crafted resume projects you as the perfect candidate, an indispensable employee for the post in question. The skill lies in being able to express your strengths and potential using the fewest words and the smartest language. But before we explore the traits of a successful resume, let us first understand what exactly is the aim and purpose of a resume.  

The aim and purpose of a resume
The goal of the resume is not really to land you the job you aspire for. Your performance in the interview round is the sole criterion that would determine your chances of getting hired. But whether or not you reach the interview round depends almost completely upon how skilfully crafted your resume is. Therefore we can conclude that the aim of your resume is to earn you a place in the interview round.
The purpose of your resume is to make clear your intentions and aspirations for the post in question. It should clearly indicate the designation you seek and state what makes your candidature suitable for the job. It also serves the purpose of keeping track of all your professional experience and achievements till date along with giving a glimpse of your educational qualifications.
The most important aspect of a resume is that it conveys your goals and aspirations for the future. This gives the employers an idea of your how you rate yourself and where you envision yourself in future and how you plan to achieve your ambition, making this one of the most crucial points of the resume. This is usually encapsulated in a smart and precise objective at the very beginning of the resume.

What are the distinguishing traits of a clever resume?
  • A business like summary: An objective is followed by a summary which is a brief summing up of your knowledge, experience and accomplishments. This should be written in as elegant a language as possible with a very professional tone
  • Interesting and tasteful: Refrain from making your resume appear as a dull account of your academic and employment history till date. It should instead be a dynamic testimony of your expertise, knowledge and potential for the future
  • Authentic evidence: Support your claims with figures that act as evidence of your performance. Translate achievements into measurable successes that clearly reflect your talent. Giving proof of your accomplishments makes the employers believe in your potential
  • The correct Keywords: Since the process of scanning resumes is done by automated computer programs that search for certain keywords and pick resumes that have them, discarding the rest, you need to ensure that you place these all important words in your resume. You can find then in job advertisements in newspapers or on the web.
Follow the traits given above to get the most competitive resume that can match up to the intensely competitive world that we live in and fetch you a host of bright opportunities.


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