Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Let’s Talk About the Latest Trend – Resume Websites

We are well into the twenty first century where technology has advanced at such a phenomenal pace that it seems to have blended with the realm of magic. The world has become smaller, Alaska is just a click away and the distinction between virtual and real is blurring. Is it any wonder then that paper resumes are becoming increasingly redundant and a thing of the past?

Keeping pace with the times has become the new mantra for success. Many employers today tend to ignore paper resumes even though they may be outstanding. They prefer the sleek look of resume websites that project the candidate as a technologically savvy person with a bright mind, ready to march confidently into the future.

What is so great about resume websites?

  • Creativity and innovation: Unlike paper resumes, having a resume website of your own allows you greater creativity and flexibility. You can design it in a way that it represents you better, gives insights into your personality, aptitudes and potential. There are no constraints of space and context and you could even include a video clip or other important files that showcase your potential.  
  • Instant updates: A resume website puts you in complete control of the content and you can include the latest achievement the moment it happens. Once submitted, paper resumes cannot be updated or modified but in this case, you have the advantage of constantly adding to your website to make it smarter and more impressive.
  • Easier to market: Almost all reputed businesses and industries are connected to social networking sites. Having a website that flaunts your skills and expertise and posting its link to enable maximum accessibility is the best way to make yourself known and to attract the most lucrative offers.

While most job seekers are convinced about the significant edge that resume websites gain over other conventional paper resumes, they are also wary and hesitant to go all ahead and design one for themselves. This probably stems from a general technology phobia which makes everything seem more complicated than it actually is.

But now you need worry no longer. We have for you a step by step guide to design your very own resume website with all the advice and suggestions that would enable you to put your best foot forward and create that all important positive first impression.


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